Learn, read and eat

Learning audimax_outside

There are some central places you will get acquainted with. The main lecture hall, for example. The so-called Audimax (or auditorium maximum) consists of several smaller lecture halls that can be used separately or be joined to form the big main lecture hall. It is also used as a venue for information sessions and entertainment events. The polygonal building catches your eye for sure when approaching the Westring campus. The notice boards in the audimax foyer announce current events. Check them out, there may be something interesting going on.




Directly opposite from the audimax you will find the oblong of the “old library”. You can access various library services from here (e.g. ordering media, extending lending periods, researching library catalogues) without having to make your way to the main branch down Olshausenstraße near the faculty buildings. Opening times vary from those of the main branch.

The main building houses the university’s reference library, has longer opening hours, offers the whole range of library services and has WiFi working areas and reading rooms. Note that to borrow books and other media you first have to apply for a reader pass online. To collect your reader pass, bring along your ID card or passport and your student ID card. For more information, look up the library’s webpage.

The medical library with work spaces for students is located at Breiter Weg 10.



Lunch, coffees and snacks can be obtained from various student canteens and cafeterias on the campuses. Lunch at MENSA I is the most convenient option if you attend courses on the Westring campus. While on the hospital campus, the canteen of the art college Muthesius Kunsthochschule is an option. Use your bike: it takes 5-10 minutes by bike to reach the canteen.

The former student canteen "Seeburg" has reopened with a new caterer. While having a meal you can watch ships and boats go by on the fjord, directly opposite the hospital campus.