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We all have been experiencing an unpredictable time with the pandemic of Covid-19 disrupting everyday lives severely. Nevertheless we have been teaching students from all over the world. The summer semester 2020 went as scheduled, although in an unusual format, relying on video conferencing tools, audio-commented lecture slides, web presentations by students. The winter semester used the same digital formats, and it went more smoothly than at the start of the summer semester. It hasn't been perfect and everybody will be glad to return to in-class teaching and studying, but students and lecturers alike have shown with their initiative: studying can go on, even if you are not in class.

First-semester students from 12 nations just finished their summer semester online, but could sit exams in class with precautions in place. Lab practicals have gone ahead, with no problems and much to students' relief. After having been able to teach in class until Christmas, MedLife has returned to online classes for the time being with Omikron spreading; we hope to be able to resume in class lectures and seminars in late spring. On the following pages, you can find out why studying Medical Life Sciences is worth your while, whether online or in class.

To avoid the virus from spreading and mutating further getting vaccinated is the best way forward. Society as a whole will also only be safe if everybody joins in the vaccination effort to contain the virus.

The application deadline for the summer semester 2022 has expired.
The next round of applications will start in September 2022 for April 2023