Moving to Kiel

Where do you want to live?

Since Kiel is divided more or less into an east and a west side by Kiel Fjord, it’s a good idea to check where lodgings offered on the internet or in the paper are situated. Most of the university faculties (inlcuding the medical campus) are located on the west side, the Faculty of Engineering is situated on the east side, as is Kiel Polytechnic.


Halls of residencedorm-pic

Most halls of residence are run by Studentenwerk Schleswig-Holstein. You have to fill in their online form to apply for a room.
There are also halls run by other agencies such as

All dorms are very popular since they are centrally located and an economic solution. Apply in good time!



Other avenues

  • The local newspaper Kieler Nachrichten advertises rental properties of all kinds via their property webpage and in their Saturday paper edition.
  • The notice boards at the student canteens, various institutes or the Audimax foyer usually advertise apartments, flat shares or sublets.
  • The commonly known webpages are not listed here, you'll know them already or easily find them.
  • Web portals where you can check rooms advertised in flatshares (in German: WG-Zimmer) or one-room flats


Registering at the town hall

Upon arrival in Kiel, you have to register at the town hall within 14 days after moving into your lodgings. Registration is free of cost. To register, you first have to fill in two forms (Anmeldung and Wohnungsgeberbestätigung), which you can

  • get at the information desk at “Altes Rathaus”, Fleethörn 9, 24103 Kiel
  • obtain from the information desk at the town hall branch at Saarbrückenstraße 147, 24113 Kiel
  • download here: The second page of the registration form contains lengthy information on registering. The confirmation of your landlord, which can be the administration of your dorm, you find here (Wohnungsgeberbestätigung).


For registering, you have to go to one of the town hall offices, the closest one to the city centre are Rathaus (Fleethörn) or Stadtteilamt Hassee/Saarbrückenstraße. Please bring the following:

  • your ID card or passport
  • your wedding certificate (if applicable)
  • birth certificates of your child/children (if applicable).

At both offices you have to draw a number which will be called when it is your turn. Waiting times may occur. If you have questions related to your registration or you want to avoid waiting times, you can book an appointment at your preferred office online. Should you have general questions relating to the registration procedure, you can call the City of Kiel information desk at +49 (0) 431 901-900.