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Medical Life Sciences is looking for well-informed, motivated Bachelors graduated from life sciences and related programmes (biology, molecular biology, biochemistry, molecular medicine, biomedicine) who want to pursue a career in biomedical research.*

You need to have

  • a good knowledge of the basics of molecular biology and genetics 
  • very good English both in written and oral communication (at least CEFR Level C1)
  • sufficient knowledge in vertebrate physiology (mandatory: official university course description  + entry on transcript documenting passed exam in application file)
  • good molecular-research lab skills, first-hand experience (lab demonstrations are not sufficient)
  • an interest in medical details, cell biology, genetics, biochemistry and bioinformatics
  •   the ability to use your knowledge for problem-solving
  • self-guided work style
  • an interest in immunobiology, basic knowledge is advantageous.


*Medical students of Kiel University who have completed their 5th and 6th semester courses successfully can apply. For the conditions Kiel medical students have to fulfill, check the Special examination regulations of Medical Life Sciences.