English scientific writing 2023

English scientific writing

Module code


Abbreviated title


Module components

Seminars, tutorials


Semesters 2+3

Module coordinator/


J. Baines



J. Baines, M. Poyet (IEM)

Contact hours

Seminar 2nd semester 1 CH             Seminar 3rd semester 2 CH
Tutorial 2nd semester 1 CH             Tutorial 3rd semester 1 CH




Total: 180 h

Seminar and tutorial 2nd semester: 60 h
Attendance time 26 h, preparation 34 h
Seminar and tutorial 3rd semester: 90 h
Attendance time 38 h, preparation 42 h, revision 10 h

Credit points

6 (seminar 2nd sem. 1 CP, tutorial 2nd sem. 1 CP, seminar 3rd sem. 2 CH, tutorial 3rd sem. 2 CP)



Expected outcome

Knowledge: Students

-are familiar with the most important grammatical structures of the English language

- have acquired the basics of English molecular-biology terminology

- have an overview knowledge of different text forms

- are familiar with the basics of scientific writing as well as with the structural components of a scientific publication.

Skills: Students

- are able to draft a grammatically correct, lucid scientific text in English

- can use (monolingual) dictionaries and reference books to extract information as efficiently as possible.

Competences: Students

- can apply their understanding of the process of writing a scientific publication to writing an own paper

- can plan and write (the outline for) a scientific presentation taking into account the envisaged audience, the particularities of the topic and suitable media.


Seminars: English grammar, introduction to relevant dictionaries and reference books, how to use them and what for; techniques for building up vocabulary; the structure of different forms of scientific texts; stylistics (which presentation/text form for which aim and audience, which media?); citation rules, bibliographies/good scientific practice.
Tutorials: Developing a concept and draft for a scientific publication, rules and ways of writing and submitting conference abstracts, manuscripts, etc.

Module evaluation/


Ungraded (pass/fail distinction)

Written assignments during semester

Media used

PPT presentations, handouts


Glasman-Deal H, Science Research Writing (Imperial College Press 2009)

Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary (Cornelsen 10th edition, 2020)

Oxford Collocations Dictionary for students of English (OUP 2013, 2nd edition)
Swan M, Practical English Usage (OUP 4th edition, 2017)
Kipfer, B A (ed.), Roget’s International Thesaurus (Collins Reference 8th edition, 2019)

Skern T, Writing Scientific English – a workbook (UTB 3rd revised edition, 2019)