Elective: Imaging

imagesVisualising biochemical and physical properties of the human body along with the function of cells and organs provides insights into disease and treatment effects. With severe conditions such as malignant or chronic inflammatory diseases, imaging delivers a huge advantage in prevention, diagnosis and individualised treatment. X-ray and computed tomography are well-known imaging techniques. In order to investigate tumours, the accumulation of specific cell types or dispersed inflammatory processes, or to visualize drugs as they are distributed in the body, you need to descend into the molecular realm using sophisticated technology. Molecular and functional imaging using optical or magnetic resonance approaches takes imaging technologies to another level. You will learn the basics of clinical imaging and specialise on molecular imaging, which is applied today in animal models and on its way to application in patients.

Images: Blood vessel visualisation using contrast agents in computer tomography (left) and fluorescence imaging
[S. Tiwari, Department of Radiology and Neuroradiology, UKSH]