SoftSkills 2023

Skills for scientific research

Module code


Abbreviated title

Soft Skills

Module components

Seminar Studies and career, Career Day workshop


Semester 1

Module coordinator/


A. Nebel, E. Hütten



A. Nebel

Contact hours

Studies and career seminar 2 CH

Career Day workshop 2 CH




Total: 120 h

Seminar Studies and career: 60 h
Attendance time 26 h, preparation 22 h, revision 12

Career Day – Molecular biology as a career: 60 h
Attendance time 20 h, preparation 40 h

Credit points

3 (Career Day 1 CP, Studies and career seminar 2 CP)



Expected outcome

Knowledge: Students

- have gained an overview of potential careers and comprehend what the specific requirements in various career paths are

- have familiarized themselves with important principles of working in science.
Skills: Students

- can implement knowledge about careers in sciences and the main principles for working in research to their own studies for better progress.

Competences: Students

- can structure their studies in accordance with their career plans

- can see the use of a wide range of knowledge in different fields and implement it into their studies.


Guidelines for studying research-driven Master programmes, topical advice for Medical Life Sciences modules; introduction to possible medical research career choices; characteristics of working in science; application training workshop with guest advisers

Module evaluation/


Ungraded (pass/fail distinction)

Studies and career:

No exam

Career Day:

Mandatory attendance/participation

Media used

PPT presentations, hand-outs, current publications, documentaries on science careers


Current publications on working in science

Literature researched by students on group work topics in seminars