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Christian-Albrechts-Universität zu Kiel Medical Life Sciences
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Medical Life Sciences: A Master’s programme in medical research

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 cell-logo-smallWelcome to Medical Life Sciences! We train students for careers in biomedical research. Check the webpage to find out what the programme is about and why studying Medical Life Sciences is worth your while.


Medical Life Sciences in a nutshellmicroscope-new

25 students maximum are accepted each year for the summer semester. This means students profit from individual supervision and advice as well as the opportunity to work “hands on” in the labs.

To students motivated by research, Medical Life Sciences offers
  • a molecular focus on major disease indications
  • teaching by clinicians and scientists of international reputation  (Nature, Science, PNAS, NEJM publications)
  • project work in high-end research labs
  • in-depth information on paleogenetics of disease
  • opportunities to write your Master's thesis abroad in labs of research partners depending on research project chosen (e.g. South Africa, Denmark, Hawaii)
  • the opportunity to apply for scholarships that help cover monthly expenses (Deutschlandstipendium for MedLife students, sponsored by Abbvie Deutschland GbmH & CoKG and BMBF)

  • lab internships in the pharmaceutical industry provided by abbvie-logo
  • integration into the Cluster of Excellence Inflammation at Interfaces.



Medical Life Sciences is a full-time programme. Regulation study time is 4 semesters. Each semester, 30 credit points have to be acquired, i.e. 750-900 work hours need to go into your studies. The fourth semester is dedicated to the Master’s thesis. The degree awarded is a Master of Science (MSc).

Medical Life Sciences is free of study fees. For enrolling at Kiel University, there is a one-time registration fee of 55 EUR. For each semester, a university administration fee applies, which includes a semester pass for public transport in Kiel. In 2016, the admin fee is 119.50 EUR. For more information, click here.




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