Why Medical Life Sciences?

Studying translational medical research in an international environment


Translational medical research “from bench to bedside” is one of the fastest growing fields of knowledge, the demand for experts is growing more rapidly than can be currently met. Scientific results gained in cell and molecular biology or biochemistry have to be translated into medical applications before they can be utilized for the benefit of people, e.g. in disease prevention and therapy.

Moreover, studying and learning in an international programme offers much more than gaining expertise in science.
Currently, students from Russia, Germany, Peru, Albania, Iran, Bangladesh, Syria, Qatar, Indonesia, Costa Rica, Japan, India, Australia, Vietnam, Brazil, Ethiopia, Luxemburg and Egypt are enrolled in Medical Life Sciences.
Students from Nepal, Cameroon, North Macedonia, Spain, Albania, Taiwan, Portugal, Turkey, Bangladesh, Egypt, Greece, Ghana, the Yemen, Malaysia, Peru, Italy, New Zealand, Kenya, Lebanon, Mexico, Pakistan, Germany, Canada, Australia, China, Ecuador, the United Kingdom and the United States of America studied Medical Life Sciences successfully and are pursuing careers in academia and the biomedical industry in various countries.


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