Master programme Medical Life Sciences - from biology to biomedical research




We train students for careers in biomedical research -

discussing science in seminars

and conducting experiments hands on in cutting-edge research labs







Students from 14 nations are currently studying Medical Life Sciences, boosting their knowledge in molecular, cell and evolutionary biology, inflammation, oncology, evolutionary medicine, medical imaging and much more. Life returned to old routines, after the Corona pandemic. Students enjoy meeting their fellows, getting to know their surroudings with all those activities people carried out before Corona. Following your interests, going to parties, enjoying sports and attending lectures together is back!


Biomedicine is full of the best of many worlds - biology, biochemistry, genetics and cell biology, pathology, and the latest -omics disciplines. Medical Life Sciences is interdisciplinary and introduces you to the foundations of biomedicine as well as to fields that are at the forefront of medical research.
If you love biology, biochemistry, genetics and cell biology, Medical Life Sciences might just be your thing. On the following pages you can find out why studying Medical Life Sciences is worth your while.