Master thesis

Master thesis (executed in focus area)

Module code


Abbreviated title


Module components

Experimental (soft/wet) laboratory work with self-guided thesis writing


Semester 4

Module coordinator/


Thesis supervisors of the student/

Institutes of thesis supervisors

Contact hours

Self study, lab work and data analysis for developing Master  thesis


900 h

Credit points



Proof of 79 credit points and passed written project thesis, confirmed by supervisors (i.e. all module exams passed, only excluding oral presentation of project thesis in module Focus Area II)

Expected outcome

Knowledge: Students

- have acquired profound and specific knowledge on the topic of the Master thesis and the surrounding scientific area in the respective focus area

- are familiar with techniques for developing a written scientific presentation.

Skills: Students

- are able to develop a concept for their research work

- can structure and execute their work in the lab and on their thesis

- can present their results and reasoning according to the rules of Good Scientific Practice.

Competences: Students

- can integrate the knowledge acquired through their studies into the data interpretation of their theses

- are able to discuss their own work critically on the background of current scientific knowledge and can put it into relation to its social and scientific impact

- can develop further research approaches based on their achievements so far.



Preparation and written expression of Master thesis on an experimental-scientific topic in the focus area

Module evaluation/



Master’s thesis

Media used

Lab experiments, software for data analysis, data bases, scientific literature


Scientific original publications and monographs