Techno 2023

New technologies in biomedical research*

Module code


Abbreviated title


Module components

Excursions/tutorial, seminars


Semester 3

Module coordinator/


B. Krause-Kyora, E. Hütten



B. Krause-Kyora (IKMB) and guest lecturers

Contact hours

Excursions/tutorials 3 CH    Seminar 1 CH



Total: 100 h


Attendance time 15 h, preparation time 15 h

Excursions/video production tutorial:
Attendance time  45 h, preparation 25 h

Credit points

4 (seminar 1 CP, excursions/tutorials 2 CP), NOTE: 1 CP for “Techno” = 25 hrs



Expected outcome*

Knowledge: Students

- have an understanding of the molecular and technical principles and the areas of application of the biomedical technologies presented

- are familiar with the areas of application of the various technologies and know the differences that distinguish one from the other

- are aware of possibilities and limitations of defined technologies

- are aware of the basic regulation concerning copyrights, intellectual property

- are familiar with important principles of visual (science) communication

- know which software is available and useful for producing/editing videos via smart phone.

Skills: Students can

- explain the principles on which the presented technologies are based.

-can use software to produce a video for science communication purposes

Competencies: Students

- can assess the potential new technologies have for future research and their relevance for different applications

- can research potential technology applications for their own research (also by searching the literature efficiently) and discuss possibilities with the respective experts

- can integrate methods and technologies into their research projects after assessing their benefits

- can design and produce a short video for scientific communication purposes (using smart phone technology).


Lecture: High throughput sequencing (3rd gen. sequencing), genome and transcriptome analysis, siRNA-mediated gene silencing, microscopy (e.g. LSM, FRET); mass spectrometry in proteome and metabolome analytics and isotopic research; smart materials/micro- and nanotechnology; incorporation of latest technological developments into module syllabus.

Seminar: Visits to institutes for instrument demonstrations and presentations

Module evaluation/



Multimedia/video presentation

Media used

PPT presentations, handouts, technology demonstrations at the actual instruments


Current scientific publications; script/manual on video production