Campus life and beyond


rowing-picThe university's sports facilities and courses offer plenty for everybody. The  Sports Centre comprises several gyms, open-air sports grounds, an Olympic-size indoor pool with a diving platform, a work-out gym and lots of course offers. If you want to register for courses, you should do so as soon as registration is open since most are fully booked in no time.Water sports take pride of place in Kiel. If you want to take up sailing, surfing, rowing or kayaking, there are many different options. Rowing clubs such as Erster Kieler Ruderclub, Akademischer Ruderverein or Rudergesellschaft Germania welcome newcomers. For sailing or surfing, the unversity sailing centre offers a broad range of courses. Rowing clubs offer useful information here. Regatta aficionados will be keen on the regattas during Kiel’s sailing event of the year, Kieler Woche. Smaller, local races and sailing take place along the Baltic and North Sea coasts during the sailing season.



If you enjoy making music, you have various options. The university's chamber orchestra is on the look-out for new members and the CAU Big Band advertises slots as well. Collegium Musicale and Studentenkantorei represent the university's orchestra and choir. Should you be an Celliexperienced a capella singer,  Madrigalchor Kiel or the Palestrina-Ensemble could be interesting. Of course there are many more choirs and ensembles in Kiel, you'll find their flyers on notice-boards. If you want to learn how to play an instrument, Musikschule Kiel is an option.






old_bat_garden_sWhether you want to take a breath of fresh air during lunch break or are interested in botany, visit the botanical gardens of Kiel. There are two very different ones: The Botanic Gardens of the university are located behind the biology departments (Bioturm). There’s always something going on and lots to look at in the hothouses or gardens proper, they are open year-round.The Old Botanic Gardens are considerably smaller and considerably older. Right next to the university hospital campus, it’s an ideal place to spend your lunch break in the summer; it’s worth exploring and offers views over Kiel Fjord from its top section. Note also the romantically located Literaturhaus in the garden. 




wissenschaftsparkTo create synergies between science and the industry, a science park with space for small start-up companies, venues for joint projects, workshops or conferences has been created right next to the Westring university campus. The meeting venue, the “Science Centre”, hosts various events. You can also have informal meetings over a cup of coffee.

Talking of science and knowledge: If you want to learn more languages or attend a course on a specific subject, check the general university courses (Lehrangebote für Hörer aller Fakultäten). They are usually free of cost and change from semester to semester.