Serious cycling

Get on your bike!

Kiel and Schleswig-Holstein are ideal for cycling. Cycle lanes are maintained throughout the city and plentiful across Schleswig-Holstein. It’s simply snowbikeconvenient – no searching for parking spaces, no waiting for the bus. If you are still bikeless, there are a lot of options for acquiring a bike. Many bicycle shops sell second-hand bikes.

The only thing you cannot do without is a heavy-duty bike lock to prevent your bike from changing hands inadvertently. If you only need a bike for a few days, you can rent one; ask the bicycle shops, many rent out bikes. There are also rent-a-bike businesses that have special student offers.
There is also a bicylce clinic near the main campus of Kiel university: You bring your bike, show the friendly staff members what the problem is and they show you how to fix it yourself and help you.
If you are looking for bike routes, check out cycling tours in Schleswig-Holstein.