University enrolment and advice

flagIf you come from abroad and have questions related to studying in general, the International Center can best assist you. Also, the brochure Studying in Schleswig-Holstein published by Studentenwerk Schleswig-Holstein provides useful information.  Studentenwerk Schleswig-Holstein can help as well.



Enrolment procedures

You can enrol for Medical Life Sciences only after you have passed the ability assessment for Medical Life Sciences; you do that via the Academic Office (most is done online). You can find information on our ability assessment procedure here.

The enrolment period for the summer term 2020 will be announced on the unversity's webpage.

Learning German or honing your language skills

If you want to acquire German language skills or advance existing ones, you can register for evening classes at the German as a foreign language department of Kiel University.

For questions relating to Medical Life Sciences, we will be happy to assist you. Our contact details can be found here.